We are Cubo. We’ve been a trusted name in the logistics world for over two decades. Our telematics solutions are kind of a big deal – they’ve been a game-changer for our clients.  We’re all about making logistics smooth and safe while supercharging efficiency.

Telematics is like having a secret weapon of the coolest tech that tracks and manages vehicles. This valuable telematics data influences our clients’ daily operations and is used to improve driver safety, reduce fuel consumption, and optimize routes.

We’re not just a logistics tech partner, we team up with the world’s coolest innovators and leaders, and work with our awesome customers to change the game. We are more than data geeks, we’re the rebels with the keys to a sustainable future. Picture safer roads, cleaner air, and a better world.

Making sure our planet, our clients and their bottom line are all winners.

Cubo has no jobs vacancies listed currently, please check back later.